Writing Contests

The Florida Writers Association offers two writing contests annually. Both cross broad areas of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and both are open to adults and youth who are judged separately.

Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA)

Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA) is a prestigious writing competition that recognizes extraordinary writing in 27+ genre categories for adults and and provides objective and constructive written assessments to all entrants. 

"I’ve signed with Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary!!! Home of Gone Girl, y’all! This contest was a life changer.” —Melissa Abrehamsen

  • Published and unpublished works; fiction and nonfiction; short works and book-length; and poetry are welcome
  • Fee varies based on genre category and date of entry
  • Open to Florida Writers Association members only
  • Submission period: February 1–April 30

“The knowledge and the thoughtfulness of all the judges blew me away.” Margarita McCarthy

New this year:

  • You'll upload your submission materials as part of the entry form process.
  • Entries will be run through plagiarism software.
  • The Play category is suspended, pending judge recruitment.
  • Limits on the number of entries. 5 entries per person; 500 total—so entries can continue to receive the attention they deserve.

Winners are celebrated at Royal Palm Literary Awards Banquet at our annual conference in October. Check out past RPLA winners here and in our showcase.

Submission requirements can be found in our Member Center. Not a member? What are you waiting for? Join now!

Florida Writers Association Collection

The Florida Writers Association Collection showcases member writing and helps members grow their skills. Entrants write to a theme and the winning submissions are published in an anthology. A “person of renown” chooses ten stories for special recognition.

  • Fiction, nonfiction, essay, and poetry entries are welcome
  • No entry fee; up to two entries allowed
  • Open to Florida Writers Association members only
  • Theme is announced at the Florida Writers Conference in October
  • Submission period: February 1–April 30
2021 Florida Writers Association Collection: Footprints

The theme for this year's  contest is "footprints." That could be interpreted as the area on a surface covered by something, like a tire that makes a wide footprint or the footprint of a laser beam; or the range of operation (such as a global footprint). Perhaps it’s a marked effect, impression, or impact, such as a footprint in the field of research. Your imagination is the limit.

This year’s person of renown is Marina Brown, winner of the 2020 Florida Royal Palm Literary Award Published Book of the Year for The Orphans of Pitigliano.

Check out past volumes of the Florida Writers Association Collection here.

Submission requirements can be found in our Member Center. Not a member? What are you waiting for? Join now!