Arielle Haughee

arielle haugheeArielle Haughee is a seven-time RPLA-winning author, editor, speaker, and publisher. She is the owner of the small press Orange Blossom Publishing and was previously the Executive Vice President and Marketing Chair for the Florida Writers Association. She was honored with the President's Award from FWA in 2020, and in 2021 Pling's Party was awarded Children's Book of the Year.

Your Publishing Timeline: Stay on Track and Don't Miss a Beat

Ready to publish your book? Small press owner and author Arielle Haughee will walk you through each phase of the self-publishing process. She'll help you avoid pitfalls and share a few tricks to make things easier for yourself. You'll leave with your own timeline you can use as a checklist on your publishing journey.

Crisp Up That Prose!

Tight writing is a necessity for attracting agents and editors as well as keeping readers interested. In this workshop, we'll discuss frequently used fluff words, strategies for cleaning up sentences, and bad habits that can make prose cumbersome. We'll utilize three strategies--cut, replace, and trim down—to make your writing as efficient as possible. Bring some of your writing that needs revision for a hands-on portion of class. You'll leave with easy strategies to use in your writing and an editing checklist to help you spot flu