Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Mary Ann de Stefano

mary ann de stefanoMary Ann de Stefano is a Lifetime Member who has been volunteering service to FWA since joining in 2005. Her primary focus has been on enabling online solutions for members and editing and producing our official magazine, The Florida Writer. An independent editor with 30+ years’ experience, she works one-to-one with writers who are developing books. She does business at MAD about Words, named as a play on her initials and passion for writing. Her MAD’s Monday Muse is a popular weekly email. Mary Ann is mad about nurturing creative and community spirit. Visit

Ginnye Lynn Cubel
Executive Vice President
ginnye lynn cubel

Ginnye Lynn Cubel is a writer, marketer, and coffee enthusiast. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Butler University and over eight years of corporate and small business marketing experience with a focus on content and email strategy. Her interests include sourdough bread, financial feminism, and reading fantasy. Currently, she is working on her debut novel, Ophelium. You can learn more about Ginnye and her writing at

Donna Brown
Vice President of Finance/Treasurer

donna brownDonna Brown has devoted 30+ years to various nonprofits, serving as both an employee and volunteer. She earned her MBA in accounting while raising two children and working full time at private school and is experienced with financial analysis and forecasting. Currently, she performs various roles in the finance office and summer program of the school and serves on the board of directors for a co-op grocery market, all while donating her time to FWA.

Michael Farrell
Vice President of Administration & Membership/Secretary
FWA Youth Chair
michael farell

Michael Farrell was captivated by stories of all different forms as a child. Now he aspires to master the connection between writer and reader. He is FWA’s Vice President of Administration & Membership as well as the Chairperson of FWAY, the Florida Writers Association Youth program. Michael’s writing has been featured in multiple FWA Collection books. Aside from being a writer, he is a black belt in tae kwon do and has a background in tumbling.

Anne Dalton, Esquire
Special Advisor to the President

Anne Dalton, Esquire, has provided business and personal legal services to creatives for 46 years. She graduated from New York University with a B.A. in Political Science and obtained her J.D. from Fordham University School of Law while working for the American Broadcasting Company as an audio engineer. Her initial law practice was with New York City entertainment corporations. She is licensed in Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania. Her husband, various pets, and she moved to Florida in 1990 to enjoy her parents’ remaining years. Her credentials can be viewed at Contact Anne at [email protected].


Rick Bettencourt
Strategic Planning

rick bettencourtRick Bettencourt is a published author and leader in technology and writing. His unique blend of technical acumen and creative writing skills makes him a versatile asset in business, tech, and literary areas. Rick loves vintage Volkswagens and lives in Manatee County with his husband and dog Rusty.

Paul Iasevoli

paul iasevoliPaul Iasevoli holds a master’s degree in Latin American literature. His poetry and prose have appeared in Cathexis, High Shelf Press, City.River. Tree, NewMyths, and Deep South Magazine where he won honorable mention in their 2019 Race in Place competition for his short story “Forced into Freedom.” His LGBTQ+ novella, Winter Blossoms, was nominated for a 2018 Goodreads Choice Award in M/M Romance. Find out more at

Elaine Senecal
Data Management
Royal Palm Literary Awards

elaine senecalElaine Senecal serves FWA as Data Management Chair focusing on RPLA and Collections contest processes and support through database applications. A former executive committee member and secretary, she co-created the FWA website and continues to support website experiences for our membership. By day Elaine works full time as Business Analyst and application instruction writer. In her downtime, she enjoys working with writers to help develop character personalities and dialogue. The clouds in the sky are full of strains of inspirations for Elaine. She has two published cozy mysteries to her credit with her late co-author Margarete Johl—forever in her heart.

Board Service & Bylaws

The management of the Florida Writers Association (FWA) is vested in the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for legal governance, policy setting, and strategic planning. Members of the Board serve without compensation.

Being a Board member requires a commitment of time and responsibility. Members of the board are expected to be well-informed about the craft and business of writing, actively involved in the writing community, participate in good faith decision-making, and take an active and productive role in managing and supporting FWA programs.

Attendance at board meetings is expected. Meetings may be online or in person and usually take place 4-6 times a year.

Download Florida Writers Association Bylaws (PDF)