Florida Writers Association (FWA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) serving writers of all genres and all levels. FWA provides a professional atmosphere, a vast networking system, and valuable tools to succeed in today's publishing industry. 

Our motto, “Writers Helping Writers,” is demonstrated daily by our volunteers across the state of Florida and beyond.

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The Florida Writers Association embraces the diversity of its membership and faculty from across the State of Florida, the nation, and the globe. We celebrate our differences and are united in our shared love for the written and spoken word.

member of the month

arielle haughee

Arielle Haughee is always cheerful and upbeat. She was one of the very first fans of my novels, and she never fails to tell everyone about them. She is forever willing to assist by giving advice, connecting authors to those who can help them with a problem, and answering questions about FWA. She's a natural cheerleader, ready to wave the metaphorical pom-poms for anyone who needs a boost to their day. In addition, she's a great panelist at conferences, contributing her knowledge without dominating the discussion. I love being on panels with her. I suspect that there are a million other things she's doing behind the scenes at FWA, and I think she deserves a shout-out for the ones we both can and can't see.

Nominated by Lisa Iriarte


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a.k. hicks

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