Noel Zamot

noel. zamotNoel Zamot is the award-winning author of the Amazon #1 bestseller, The Archer's Thread. A former military combat aviator, Noel brings his past experiences in international relations, cyber warfare, and covert operations into his speculative fiction novels. He is represented by John Beach and Kevin Cleary at Gravity Squared Entertainment, who are working to bring "The Archer's Thread to the screen.

Storytelling in the Time of Robots, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love ChatGPT

Will Artificial Intelligence replace writers and make our vocation irrelevant? Is literature,and the craft of writing, dead? How can humans compete with robot storytellers? And what will I do with all those paperbacks? Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm, improving at a dizzying rate. Between the time I write this blurb and the time we connect at this workshop, AI will have undergone various mutations and become far more powerful than expected. What does this mean to authors and writers still working at the "World's Oldest Profession," storytelling? In this session, Award-winning author Noel Zamot will share thoughts on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and share ideas on how authors can use,  instead of succumb to, the latest tools to make writing more accessible, fun, and dare we say, better.The session will cover a very basic introduction to AI, its importance, what tools are available, and how writers can learn to surf the waves of progress instead of drowning between swells. The session uses humor and vignettes to highlight the bewildering speed at which these history-making tools expand. The presenter will combine his experience as an author with his experiences testing autonomous systems for the military, the precursor of AI. Those experiences testing tools to augment, not replace, humans, provide rich insight into a collaborative future. Agenda:

  • What is AI?
  • Who was Alan Turing?
  • What is the big deal about AI, anyway? Where does it shine?
  • Where does it fail?
  • What tools are out there? How do I use them? Hint: you're been using them for much longer than you thought.
  • What happens next: Storytelling in the time of robots
  • Q&A