wyne karnath

Wyne Karnath managed to earn a Master's degree in Literature and to teach Literature, English grammar, Computer Technology, and Humanities in Middle School, High School, and Community College. He writes both fiction and nonfiction. findyournation.org

Emerging Technology in Sci Fi

Good news for science fiction writers and all writers interested in science and technology! The pace of technological change is accelerating, and those changes are drastically affecting our lives and the lives of our children. That is great news for writers because these changes are rapidly generating new and different conflicts and story possibilities. 

Recent breakthroughs in technology will be discussed. Bring your crystal balls! We will be brainstorming a future in which AI will be at the wheel of our cars, the professional across the table will not be a human, Nanobots will roam freely in our blood stream, our most important accessory will be an implant between our thumb and fore-finger, every available wall will be a computer screen, and we will all have more leisure time than we need, because AI will have our jobs. You will leave this session with a stronger sense of where your personal science and science fiction writing journey will lead you. As a parting bonus, you will receive a wealth of well-known resources for breaking scientific news. You will benefit by having these sources touse as inspiration for your upcoming writing projects.