Slices of Life

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 2

Paperback & E-book (mobi)
Published by Peppertree Press, 2010

Person of Renown: Eliot Kleinberg

Eliot Kleinberg is an author and a news and features writer for the Palm Beach Post in Palm Beach County, Florida. He has written extensively about many different aspects of Florida, and is most notable for his two books Weird Florida and Weird Florida II, in which he covers strange facts and occurrences in Florida.

Slices of Life is a unique compilation of talented authors, many previously published, bringing to life with drama and vivid imagination the experience of life-changing moments.

“Maybe it’s in the water or the key lime pie, but Florida has long been blessed with a wealth of writing talent. And “Slices” is a wonderful continuation of the tradition.” —Tim Dorsey, New York Times Bestselling Author

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Eliot Kleinberg’s Top Ten Picks
  1. Sheila Bayes McNaughton, What Is Your Maiden Name?
  2. Joan Scharf, A Small Request
  3. oan Scharf, Interlude
  4. Bria Burton, Maribel’s Day of Death
  5. Mary S. Erickson, The Coupon Queen
  6. Carolyn Evans, My Father’s Shoes
  7. Rebekah Hunter Scott, Prelude
  8. Randy Register, Martini
  9. Rebekah Hunter Scott, The Sunshine Bus Company
  10. Bruce Strickland, The Old Man
Slices of Life Contributions, Listed Alphabetically by Author

Randy Austin, Shark
Karen Blondeau, Karen Blondeau
Kaye Coppersmith, Because of Connie Francis
Arthur Doweyko, Linda
Arthur Doweyko, Heddy
Kimerlee Esselstrom, Bird’s Eye View
Sunny Fader, Epiphany
Sunny Fader, Questions and Answers
Klaus Gansel, An American Hamburger
Donna Guillaume,The Neighbor
Kim Hackett, Small Potatoes
Kim Hackett, The Quack
Kim Hackett, Forgotten
Kim Hackett, Breaking A Hundred
Bob Hart, Africa 1955
Veronica Hart, Standoff in the Alborz Mountains
Beda Kantarjian, Caring for Lily
June B. Lands, Too Little…Too Late
June B. Lands, Set Another Place
June B. Lands, A Wise Lady, Our Aunt Grace
Kate LeSar, 1970: Nirvana
Karen Lieb, I am a Teacher; I am a Student
Phyllis McKinley, Blueberries
Dean Murphy, Through a Child’s Eyes
Diane L. Mutolo, Out of (Remote) Control

Diane L. Mutolo, Through the Window
Eugene Orlando, A Defining Moment
Eugene Orlando, The Day I Brought a Negro Home
Elaine S. Person, Glossed Over
Tricia Pimental, The Christmas Box
Blake Pottinger, The Bridge Wendy
Kim Pullen, Twelve Years at a Time
Robyn Rhoades, Brilliant Star
Bill Rust, The Extremity–India 1996
Sunny Serafino, The Heart of a Woman
Deborah Shlian, The More Things Change
Lona Smith, The Ice Cream Cone
Lona Smith, Samaritan Girl
Lona Smith, Finding My Father
K. M. Smith, Clutter
Bruce Strickland, The Writers Cup
Lynn Ullin, The Hailstorm
Judy Weber, Always on My Mind
C. S. Wilson, Porter’s Boy
C. S. Wilson, Tuyen
C. S. Wilson, Homer, Not Winslow
C. S. Wilson, Lao Tien
Gerry Wolfson-Grande, The Chess Players
Keri Zemaitis, The Ah-ha Moment