Florida WritersCon 2024 Faculty

rick bettencourtRick Bettencourt
Writer/Tech Leader

• Microsoft Word Mastery: Transform Your Documents (2hrs.)
• The Email Connection: Marketing Strategies for Authors
• Publishing Perspectives Panel, Moderator

patricia charpentierPatricia Charpentier

• Micro-Memoir: The Art of Writing Short (2hrs.)
• Know the Rules Before You Break Them

ginnye l. cubelGinnye L.Cubel

• Marketing Strategies for Multi-Passionate Writers (2hrs.)
• Building a Marketing Foundation Before You're Published

anne daltonAnne Dalton, Esq.

• Good Publishing Contracts, Bad Publishing Contracts
• Exploding Those Urban Legends About Copyright

sarah fiskSarah Fisk
Literary Agent


• Writing a Standout Query Letter (2hrs.)
• Writing a Nonfiction Book Proposal • Publishing Perspectives Panel

cathy fyockCathy Fyock
Business Book Strategist

• The Speaker Author: Sell More Books, Book More Speeches (2hrs.)
• Unlock the Business Potential of Your Book

gail ghaiGail Ghai

• Elevating Your Poetry with Similes and Metaphors (2hrs.)
• Moving Your Words from General to Specific to Concrete


robert herrickRobert Herrick

• Self-Publish Your Book Without Breaking the Bank
• No Drawing Required: Create illustrations without AI
• Publishing Perspectives Panel

joan leggittJoan Leggitt

• Writing and Sending Your Query Letter
• Writing Flawed Characters
• Publishing Perspectives Panel

kristin owens

Kristin Owens

• Publishing Possibilities
• Seven Drafts to a Completed Novel

ken pelhamKen Pelham

• Hooked from the Start: Crafting Dynamite Story Openings
• Right Word, Wrong Time: Avoiding the Traps of Etymology

Al Pessin

• How to Get Published after Really, Really REALLY Trying
• The Secrets of Bad Writing
• Publishing Perspectives Panel

carol. j postCarol J. Post

• Pace Your Story for Maximum Reader Engagement
• Make Your Fiction Sparkle

sylvia whitmanSylvia Whitman

• "Let the Wild Rumpus Start": Writing Picture Books
• Plotting for Pantsers