We Celebrate Member Success

 A writing success can be anything that makes you feel proud, accomplished, or just plain excited. Every month, we hold a drawing and one member is chosen to share news of their writing success with our community of writers in our newsletter and here on this page.

♦ "I published my second book, A Veteran Speaks. It’s a compilation of short stories about Veteran issues." —Hartley Barnes, Royal Palm Beach, FL

♦ My debut novel, All the Salt in the Sea, recently won the 2022 International Book Award.” —Tammy Harrow, St. Augustine, FL

♦ “I'm so excited! My second book, Finding Persephone, has just been released by Liminal Books! You can find out a bit more on my website: pjbraley.com/finding-persephone/” —P.J. Braley, Inverness, FL

♦ “I spoke at the Northern Colorado Writer's Conference weeks ago and through that visit acquired a new publisher who will publish one of my children's picture books and am slated for a podcast with a podcaster that was at the conference. You never know what will happen at a conference!” —Rod Martinez, Tampa, FL

♦ “My novel, A Light on Altered Land, has been shortlisted for the Best Love After 50 Romance by iheartslesfic.com.” —Becky Bohan, North Fort Meyers, FL

♦ “I'm thrilled to announce the publication of my second book, From the Porch to the Page: A Guidebook for the Writing Life. (New Wings Press, LLC. 2022). I'm the author of the award-winning memoir, Undertow: My Escape from the Fundamentalism and Cult Control of The Way international. (2017)” —Charlene L. Edge, Winter Park, FL

♦ “I am proud to say that I recently released my newest book, How to Master the Art of Writing Children's Books. It is a comprehensive guide for both newbies and seasoned authors.” —Bobbie Hinman, Kissimmee,FL

♦ Youtube Channel "KirkpattieCake" all about books, writing, storytelling, culture, and featuring especially indie books has finally reached 1,000 subscribers!” —Ian Kirkpatrick, Lakeland, FL

All members can also submit longer announcements to be published in The Florida Writers magazine. Check the latest issue for details.