From Our Family to Yours

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 1

Paperback & Ebook
Published by Peppertree Press, 2009

Person of Renown: Suzette Martinez Standring

Suzette Martinez Standring is a columnist syndicated with GateHouse Media. She is an award-winning author and the host and producer of a cable TV show. She teaches column-writing workshops at universities and national conferences.

From Our Family To Yours, the first Florida Writers Association Collection, is an emotional and timeless read that touches your heart and soul. You’ll find yourself laughing and crying along with the authors as you share their special words.

It will be difficult to find only one new favorite author among those who have contributed to this marvelous collection of short stories.” —Vicki Taylor, Founding Member of the Florida Writers Association

Suzette Standring’s Top Ten Picks
  1. Rebekah Hunter Scott, Variations on Mr. Cornflake
  2. Deborah Lynn Thompson, Storm Gathering
  3. Eugene Orlando, Her Place in the Sun
  4. M. E. Landress, Sweet Summer Rain
  5. Nina Guilbeau, A Lifetime of Music
  6. Carol Jones, Picture of Old Zeb
  7. John J. White, She Dances on Her Toes
  8. Elaine S. Person, I’m a Person
  9. Eugene Orlando, Murder by Candlelight
  10. Shara Pendragon Smock, Cubs in the House
From Our Family To Yours Contributions, Listed Alphabetically by Author

William Plumb Barbour, A Letter to Daisy
William Plumb Barbour, Sarah’s Relief
Christal Bennett, Oh, Brother, What a Dog!
Jennifer Bjork, Waiting for a Memory
Mary Wood Bridgman, Christmas Chaos
Dahris Clair, Growing Up Without Ken
Karlene Conroy, Mother Goose
Vic DiGenti, My Brother, My Burden
Gwendoline Y. Fortune, Bonita’s Birds
Rollene Gannett, Life Flight
Klaus Gansel, A Tyrant’s Birthday
Ken Gorman, Life’s Myth
Jim Gulledge, Bonding
Bob Hart, I am Oliver, and I am a Cat
Veronica H. Hart, Larry and the Cat
Dawn Smith Heaps, Washing the Dishes
Richard Ide, The River
Coco Ihle, Every Difficulty Along the Way
Chrissy Jackson, Learning to Say the “C” Word
Carol Jones, Specter of Sam
Ruth E. Jones, Hope Everlasting
M. E. Landress, Castles & Kings
Dona Lee, Broken Chains
Dona Lee, Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails
Kate W. LeSar, The List

Philip L. Levin, Non-Western Medicine
Karen L. Lieb, Demise of the Tooth Fairy
Karen L. Lieb, Dolls for Our Babies
Melinda Richarz Lyons, The Best Damn Radioman
Linda McGowan Malloy, Exceptional Love
Toni Martin, A Novel Approach to Life
Muriel McKinlay, Down the Altahama to Darien
Phyllis McKinley, The Scrapbook
Virginia Nygard, Beloved
Virginia Nygard, Lucky
Cappy Hall Rearick, Kudzu’s Last Stand
John Rehg, Final Swing
John Ryan, When Time Stopped
Helen M. Sansone, The Promise
Mary Ann Sciavillo-Lopez, Scents of Heaven
Sunny Serafino, A Tale of Six Chickens
Peter Shianna, My Old Man
Shara Pendragon Smock, Is This My Baby?
April Star, Messages in a Bottle
Jeff Swesky, An Anniversary Remembered
Jeff Swesky, Keepsakes
Elaine Togneri, Memory Lake
Mary T. Wagner, Gone Fishin’
Sharon K. Weatherhead, The Dance of the Butterflies
J. J. White, Double Dragons