Writers at Work

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 11

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Ebook becomes available in October 2020

Person of Renown: Micki Browning

A tremendous contest resulted in 103 members submitting 124 entries. Our Person of Renown, Micki Browning, winner of the 2018 Royal Palm Literary Award Published Book of the Year for Beached, had the daunting task of choosing her top ten favorites from the 60 winning entries. Micki, a retired police captain and FBI National Academy graduate, is the author of the award-winning Mer Cavallo Mysteries set in the Florida Keys. Thanks to Micki and our members’ participation, the Collection contest remains one of our popular annual events

Micki Browning’s Top Ten Picks
  1. Sarah Hein Graves, She Wants to be a Writer
  2. Kitty Lascurain, Writing Demons
  3. Suzy Hart, Brain Freeze Fodder
  4. Ellen Holder, Writer Still at Work
  5. Donna Parrey, Nailing Rosie the Riveter
  6. E.A. Russo, Sea Gypsy
  7. Alycea Snyder, The Slayer
  8. David M. Pearce, The Eighth Circle
  9. Bart Huitema, Fortune Cookies
  10. C. C. Gallo, The Causalities of Writing
50 Winning Contributions Listed Alphabetically by Author

Gerri Almand, Sleeping Under a Tree
Monika Becker, Dreams Deferred
Tom Bender, My Writing Life: Talk About Luck!
Margaret Best, A Writer’s Journey
Marie Brack, The Race to the Bottom
Linda B. Callan, Guiltless Adventures of a Writers Group
William G. Collins, A Cry in the Dark
Barry Dimick, Piece by Piece
Melody Dean Dimick, Tattoo
Dr. J., When Worlds Collide
Kimberlee Esselstrom, The Writing Wardrobe
Ann Favreau, Journey of Thoughts to Text
Jenny Ferns, My Writing Life
Paula Feuerstein, Searching
Fern Goodman, In the Name of Research
Bethanie Gorny, How I Became a Work in Progress
Lee Fanning Hall, Writers at Work
Sandra K. Hall, Writer@Work Renewed
Bob Hart, The Girl with the Green Scarf
Veronica H. Hart, Final Draft
Eileen M. Hector, No Barricades – Words at Work
Faye Henderson, A Chapter a Week Novel
Frances Hight, Silk and Silver
Christine Holmes, Get a Pig, Stay Out of the Pokey
John Hope, Jay Bird in a Thunderstorm
Paul Iasevoli, An Author Shanghaied
Carol Jones, Jigsaw

Beda Kantarjian, Gold Dominion Contest Club
Ricky Keck, Multitasking
Christopher Malinger, Work in Progress
Arleen Mariotti, Filling in the White Space
Lawrence Martin, Robert and His Muse – Writer(s) at Work
Annette Masters, Almost Paradise
Patricia Mc Gehee, Seventeen Years a Stringer
Margarita McCarthy, Making My Mark
Phyllis McKinley, The Ponytail on the Counter
Mark Newhouse, Ghost Writers: A True Story
William Opperman, The Author Admonishes His Murder Victim
John D. Ottini, Elevated Madness
Elaine Person, On Stronger Writing
Amarilys Gacio Rassler, The End is First
Cathy Rebhun, Ask Annie’s Advice
Patricia Royal, Starting Over
Carolee Russell, I Want to be a Tiger
Don Sanborn, The Magnificent Seven
Faun Joyce Senatro, Sam and Me
Henry G. Silvia, Recycled
Lori Thatcher, Wrestling with Words
Tami Whiting, What Do We Do?
Gayle Woodson, Writing in Chaos

Youth Winners

Age Group 9 – 13

  1. Kaleb Arora, Writer at Work
  2. Jacqueline Cook, From Page to Stage
  3. Kali Mae, The Words Within

Honorable Mention:

  • Austin Serrano, The Impure
  • Alexander Greenberg, Homework,
  • Derek Roque, The Age of the Page

Age Group 14 – 17

  1. Helena Garcia, The Quill
  2. Kaz Reyes, Thoughts of Flying Foxes
  3. Samantha Leslie, Imagination Built on the Foundation of Fibonacci

Honorable Mention: Marshall Bustamante, From Me