Let's Talk

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 3

Paperback & E-Book (mobi)
Published by Peppertree Press, 2011

Person of Renown: W. Bruce Cameron

W. Bruce Cameron is an American humor columnist. Cameron is best known as the author of the best-selling self-improvement book 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, which was adapted into a TV sitcom.

Let’s Talk includes pieces written entirely in dialogue. No tags. No exposition. No description. Chatter is all around us, giving clues to a person, leading a unsuspecting listener to an incorrect conclusion, allowing us to open our hearts to those we love and to blast those we don’t. You’ll recognize yourself in this book and find you are laughing out loud, shedding a tear, and enjoying sharing our world.

“Florida writers. You gotta love them. Young, old, from every walk of life, they’ve all got stories that resonate with life’s necessary epiphanies. Enjoy.” —Leslie Glass, bestselling author of the April Woo novels

W. Bruce Cameron’s Top Ten Picks
  1. Doreen L. Myers, Greave Contact
  2. Klaus Gansel, Traffic Stop
  3. Bob Hart, The Pecking Order
  4. Carolyn Evans, A Dilemma
  5. Cynthia Mallick, Face Time
  6. Mary Ann Zahl, Character Assassination
  7. Bryan Mooney, Yes, Officer
  8. Michael King, Troubled Water
  9. Philip L. Levin, Extermination
  10. John J. White, Big Fish
Let’s Talk Contributions, Listed Alphabetically by Author

Karen Blondeau, Feng Shui
Joyce Bowden, The Wanderer
Susan Boyd, Gotta Play to Win
Cate Bronson, Sightseeing
Teresa Bruce, The Inevitable
Bria Burton, Ma Says
Alice Carter, The Perfect Plan
Alice Carter, A Fitting Memorial
Patricia Charpentier, Blind Tiger
Claudia Carol Chianese, Acerbic
Kaye Coppersmith, Dental Work
Patricia Crumpler, The Wedding Journey
Vic DiGenti, All Wrapped Up
Vic DiGenti, A Fuelish Choice
Melody Dimick, Sorry!
Arthur Doweyko, The Catch
Arthur Doweyko, The Zoo
Mary S. Erickson, Storm Clouds
Mary S. Erickson, The Perfect Ending
Ria Falkner, The Breakfast
Cecilia Firling, The Day We Ran Away
Sharyn Germ, A Mother’s Day Conversation
Gil Gonzalez, 3 AM Discourse
Dona Grould, And You Thought You Had a Rough Day?
Donna Guillaume, Levels of Service

Amy Gump, A Cat’s Perspective
Kim Hackett, Creative Science
Kim Hackett, Mom’s Visit
Ellen Herbert, A Government Girl
Jackie Hinckley, In the Waiting Room
Floyd S. (Steve) Hulsey, Lots of Years A-Leaping
Floyd S. (Steve) Hulsey, Next to Last Thrill to Darien
Victoria Humphrey, Meeting Crow
Beda Kantarjian, Halloween in Cassadega
Maria Kelly, The King and His Twenty-Three Subjects
Kate W. LeSar, Exactly
Joan J. Levy, Your Name Has Been Chosen
Linda Malloy, Knowledge
Becky McGregor, Bombs Away
Becky McGregor, Heads on a String
Claudette Parmenter, License and Registration
John Rehg, Beer and Mary Beth
Barbara Samuels, A Muse Paper
Patricia Semler, Passing Conversation
Faun Joyce Senatro, The Ultimate Critiquer
Sonia (Sunny) Serafino, Two Donuts and One Rut to Go
Gayle Swift, Tilt
Judith Warren, Information Please
Judith Weber, Daphne Tells All