My Wheels

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 4

Paperback & E-Book (mobi)
Published by Peppertree Press, 2012

Person of Renown: Julie Compton

Julie Compton is an internationally published author of two critically acclaimed novels. Her debut legal thriller Tell No Lies earned a starred review from Kirkus, who called the novel a “taut, tense cautionary tale complete with courtroom drama and a surprise ending.” Kirkus aptly described Julie’s second novel Rescuing Olivia as “a pleasing hybrid of fairy tale and contemporary thriller,” and Publisher’s Weekly praised it as an “intense, entertaining second novel” with a “super-satisfying resolution.” A lawyer by profession, Julie last practiced as a trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice. She now writes full-time and speaks frequently about writing and publishing at libraries, conferences, bookstores and other venues.

Wheels ranks right up there with “fire” for fundamental necessities in life. An invention that jump-started mankind and became so diversely integrated in everyday life, scarcely could man survive without them. Whether “wheels” is employed as a concept or a solid object in the writing, you’ll identify with the stories in this book. They’ll bring you to laughter, tears and the occasional ah-ha moment.

Julie Compton’s Top Ten Picks
  1. Carol Anderson, Home on the River
  2. John Miller, Las Ruedas
  3. Marie Vernon, Full Circle
  4. Patricia Crumpler, The Worm Wheel
  5. Philip L. Levin, Jack and Bertie Get Married
  6. Kathleen Spalding, Crystal
  7. Vic DiGenti, And Promises to Keep
  8. Anu Varma Panchal, Driving Lessons
  9. John J. White, Left Rear Tire
  10. Lisa Anders, Relocation
  11. My Wheels Contributions, Listed Alphabetically by Author

Dave Archard, Freedom
Susan Bartlett, Lean In
Monika Becker, American Wheels
Sandra Brito, Magic Wheels: A True Story
Teresa Bruce, Hands at the Wheel
Bria Burton, The Wheels Must Turn
Claudia Chianese, Wheels of Circumstance
Candice Coghill, George’s Wheel
Melody Dimick, Come One, Come All
Louis Emond, The Unopened Gift
Mary S. Erickson, Forget Savannah
Jeanne Farmer, Wheels of Honor
Judith Fishel, Jeremiah’s Wheel
Jane Freeman, Skating Songs
Klaus Gansel, The Wheel of the Caravel Nina
Glenn Gardiner, Speed
Bob Hart, The Fiat Caper
Richard Hebert, Ronald
Beda Kantarjian, Mercedes
Bruce H. Kubec, The View from Here
Holly Mandelkern, Wheels of War
Carla Manley, Wheels Up
Becky McGregor, White Lightning
Phyllis McKinley, The Yellow Wheelbarrow
Mark McWaters, “’m No Sir

Bradette Michel, The Last Ride
Joe Midzalkowski, My First Wheels
Mark Miller, The Forgotten Well
Diane Mutolo, School Bus 31
Elizabeth Nebergall, Race Day
Mark Newhouse, The Wheel
Helen Parramore, Summer in Wareham, 1937
Lois S. Patton, A Perplexing Task
Wendy Blake Pottinger, Renew
Rachel Printy, Rejecting the Wheels
Pat Rakowski, Coloring the Future
Janice Reuther, Turning the Wheel of Dharma
Gwen Rutter, Right Turn on Red
Barbara Samuels, First Response
Serena Schreiber, Axel’s Wheels
Faun Senatro, The Promise
Sunny Serafino, Dad’s Wheels
Lona Smith, The Real Wheel
Lori Thatcher, The Color of Water
Robin Thomas, The Broken Toy
Lisa Vogt, One Good Turn
Judith Weber, Lucky Luggage
Linda Welker, The Blind Son
Jim Wiggins, On the Home Front
Gerry Wolfson-Grande, My Wheels Have Names