Hide & SeekCollection V8

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 8

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Person of Renown: John Gilstrap

John Gilstrap is the acclaimed author of Against All Enemies, End Game, High Treason, Damage Control, Threat Warning, Hostage Zero, No Mercy, Six Minutes to Freedom, Scott Free, Even Steven, At All Costs, Nathan’s Run, Time to Run, and Friendly Fire. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages. An explosives safety expert and former firefighter, John holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary. He lives in Fairfax, Virginia.

John Gilstrap’s Top Ten Picks
  1. Chris Hamilton, Can You Help Me With That?
  2. Janet Franks Little, Worse Than Being It
  3. Sheila Marie Palmer, Ooga Booga
  4. Christine Holmes, Robin and Crow
  5. Jane Ellen Freeman, The Garden
  6. 6. John DeJordy, Lost Time
  7. 7. Amy S. Brown, Taking Flight
  8. 8. Frances Philpott Palmigiano, Hidden
  9. 9. Anne Nichols Reynolds, Mama Knows Best
  10. 10. Ruth Stonesifer, Hidden in Plain Sight
Hide and Seek Contributions, Listed Alphabetically by Author

Cheryl Abney, The Last Drive
Monika Becker, PO Box 154
Linda Miller Benson, Grandma’s Memories
Diane M. Boilard, Through the Years
William Bokis, Return of the Big Indian
Marie Brack, Cold Cash and High Finance
William G. Collins, Family Jewels
Patricia Crumpler, Hyde and Seek
Janet D’Andrea, Clarity
William E. Dempsey, Southern Discomfort
Melody Dean Dimick, Do Not Hide
Gwen Dolyns, Evidence
Ann Favreau, House of Hurt
Elena Fowler, The Touch of the Forgotten
Terri Friedlander, Love Addict
Veronica Helen Hart, Margaret Barnes
Suzanna Myatt Harvill, Elizabeth’s Shadow
Henry Heitmann, Someone at the Door
Faye Henderson, Gracie Who is Missing?
Bonnie B. Herrick, The First Ever Hide and Seek
John Hope, Nightime
Carol Jones, Missing
Linda Kraus, Looking for Mr. Wonderful
Peggy Lambert, Blue Monday
Karen Larkey, Finders Weepers

Kate LeSar, Away from Center
Joan Levy, The Hope Chest
Laurianne Macdonald, Blurred Lines
John Mallon, Up a Tree
Meredith Martin, Family Secrets
Bob Marvin, The Discovery
Joe Midzalkowski, Hiding a Submarine
Jean Axtell Nelson, Rat Bastard
Mark H. Newhouse, My Little Monsters
Kate Newton, Death Secret
Virginia Nygard, Breaking News
Akira Odani, Who’s the Victim?
Andrew Parker, Raggedy Ann
David Pearce, Short-Armed
Pat Rakowski, Trolling the Streets
Janet Ramsdell Rockey, Rescued Hope
C. L. Roman, Gigi’s Version
Mary Lois Sanders, Patriots’ Mission
Lynn Schiffhorst, Seeking Nirvana
Ruth Senftleber, The Translation
Ray Slaughter, On His Own Terms
James Swickard, The Omission
Aimee Taylor, Game of Darkness
J.J. White, Hiding Emily
Ethel Cook Wilson, The Inheritance

Hide and Seek Contributions, Youth

Age Group 9 – 13
1st Place: Yasmin Vuong, Assassination Confrontation
2nd Place: Jaina Hope, The Troublemaker
3rd Place: Elliot Verpoorten, Abyss
Honorable Mention: Marshall Bustamante, Devil’s Main
Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Cook, A Magic Goal
Honorable Mention: Sarina Patel, Stop Hiding

Age Group 14 – 17
1st Place: Carissa McKenzie Clough, Hidden Knowledge, Found Truth
2nd Place: Michaela Brushwood, Chloe’s Box
3rd Place: Rachel Elisabeth Williams, The Boat Man