What a Character!

Florida Writers Association Collection, Volume 9

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Person of Renown: E.J. Wenstrom

E. J. Wenstrom is a fantasy and science fiction author lover of monsters consumer of stories and coffee addict. Her ongoing Chronicles of the Third Realm Wars series starts with her Royal Palm Literary Awards Book of the Year-winning debut, Mud.

A.J. Wenstrom’s Top Ten Picks
1. Mark McWaters, Mr. Redden
2.  Elise Zarli, Vignettes
3.  K. C. Bonner, Just Your Average Hero
4.  John Hope, The Leg
5.  Christine Holmes, Casey’s Angels

6.  Daniel R. Tardona, Hawk Eye
7.  Pat Rakowski, Nobody’s Fool
8.  Patricia Averbach, Odd Birds
9.  Wendy Keppley, The Girl in the Black Beret
10. Mary K. Henderson, The Vessel

What a Character Contributions, Listed Alphabetically by Author

Cheryl Abney, The Hapless Professor
JC Akends, What to Wear
Ernie Audino, Martyrs Never Die
Rita Barnes, Under the Mask
Monika Becker, Voices in Her Head
Cate Bronson, The Last Laugh
Amy S. Brown, The Handyman
Debbie Browne, No
Teresa TL Bruce, Gray Haired Guard Unlikely Kin
Linda B. Callan, The Stranger
W. Scott Causey, Joy of Man’s Desiring
William G. Collins, Gran-mummy
Patricia Crumpler, Mama Mattie
Melody Dean Dimick, Befriending Mabel
Linda Feist, Einstein
C. C. Gallo, The Conveyor
S.J. Gaver, Into Thy Safekeeping
Jo Ann V. Glim, A Life in Tune
Fern Goodman, Gramma’s Sink
Robert Hart, She
Suzanna Myatt Harvill, Arielle
Arielle Haughee, Nobody’s Secret
Frances Hight, Gillian’s Choice
P. M. Hughes, The Strand
Paul Iasevoli, A Night at Madame Beauseau’s – 1865

Beda Kantarjian, Not Her First Rodeo
Colleen Kastner, The Ungrateful Peanut
Henry James Kaye, Gianna
Janet Franks Little, Worrier Rose
Christopher Malinger, Iggy
John Mallon, Haroldisms
Lawrence Martin, Maestro
Frank T. Masi, The Good Doctor
Mark H. Newhouse, They Called Him the Devil
Kate Newton, The Role of a Lifetime
Hal Palmer, Father Fred
David M. Pearce, The Last Stand for Doctor Destiny
Al Perrin, The Centurion
Elaine Person, The Last Supper
K. D. Price, Recalling the Villain
R. M. Prioleau, Tootsie the Culinary Sleuth
Amarilys Gacio Rassler, Death on Assignment
Lynn Schiffhorst, Unforgettable
Ruth Senftleber, Eyewitness
Bruce G. Smith, The Dry Season
Judith Weber, When Character Really Counts
Judith K. White, Brings on the Anxiety
Nancy Jeffrey Wise, My Medicine Man
Christine Yarbour, The Old Cracker

What a Character, Youth Contributions

Age Group 9 – 13

1st Place: Indigo D. TenEyck, Just. Like. That.
2nd Place: Aliyah Paris Garcia, The Cave
3rd Place: Samantha Leslie, Mother
Honorable Mention: Luci A. Blanco, 11/16/1986
Honorable Mention: Mary Grace Galione, November
Honorable Mention: Elliot Julian, Monstrosity

Age Group 14 – 17
1st Place: Carissa Clough, Because the Fuhrer Told Him So
2nd Place: Alice Elysian, The Special Snowflake that Wasn’t Special Enough
3rd Place: Matthew Scotney, The Siege
Honorable Mention: Rachel Elisabeth, The Queen of Hearts
Honorable Mention: Marshall Bustamante, A Writer’s Crisis
Honorable Mention: Jade Browne, Warped