Standards & Practices

Professional Members of the Florida Writers Association have agreed to comply with the following standards and practices.

  1. Commitment: We are committed to remaining up to date with industry standards and best practices.

  2. Communication: We do not spam prospects or clients with promotional messages or harass them to purchase our products or services. We communicate with clients in a helpful and timely manner.

  3. Integrity: We aim for the highest standards of ethics and excellence. We provide services in a professional manner, honoring advertised and contractual promises and terms of service.

  4. Responsiveness: We value client feedback and aim to resolve issues fairly and promptly.

  5. Terms of Service: We make it clear what we can and cannot do for a client, explaining the full range of our services and pointing out any excluded service that they might reasonably expect to be included. Our terms of service are complete and unambiguous.

  6. Transparency: We advertise and quote fees to prospects and clients that are transparent, complete, and in line with industry norms.

Violations of Standards & Practices by Professional Members may result in membership being revoked. 

Members are advised to perform due diligence and get clear about all terms of service before hiring.