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Betty Viamontes

betty viamontesBetty Viamontes was born in Havana, Cuba. Her two novels, Waiting on Zapote Street and The Dance of the Rose, are memoir-style, autobiographical stories based on true events. Waiting on Zapote Street  takes place in Cuba during the years the family was separated, and allows readers to experience life in Cuba during the first two decades of Castro's revolution since its triumph in 1959. This novel has been selected for reading by a United Nations book club and multiple others. It has also been recognized by Latino Authors by one of the top ten books of 2016. Her work has appeared in multiple literary magazines and newspapers.

Mastering Memoir: Beyond the Basics

Anyone can write a story about something that happened in their life, but not everyone can make it completely captivating. Learn from Betty Viamontes, author of multiple internationally-recognized books, how to go beyond the basics and write memoir that truly sells. Get the secrets to masterful, meaningful memoir with this can’t-miss workshop!