florida writers foundationFounded by Florida Writers Association members. the Florida Writers Foundation, Inc. (FWF) is a  501(c)3 nonprofit corporation formed to promote literacy by enhancing writing skills in children, teens, and adults. FWF partners with existing programs and initiatives as well as developing new programs.

FWF volunteers have made a difference in people’s lives by visiting elementary schools for reading days, sponsoring poetry contests, donating books to schools, and contributing funds to promote school writing contests. We look forward to contributing funds to high school writing contests and visiting high school

The educational mission of the Florida Writers Foundation and financial grants for qualified organizations in Florida who engage in educational activities and projects that are compatible with the FWF mission. These organizations may include public or private schools, PTAs, nonprofits, or other institutions whose projects and activities fit the parameters, values, and mission of the FWF.

To learn more, visit the Florida Writers Foundation website.