cathy fyockCathy Fyock • Business Book Strategist

Cathy works with thought leaders and professionals who want to write nonfiction books for business growth strategy. She’s authored 12 books and helped 230+ professionals become published authors. 

The Speaker Author: Sell More Books, Book More Speeches (Creative Catalyst 2 hrs.)
Being a speaker and author is one of the best ways to move your business to the next level. In this interactive workshop. Book coach Cathy Fyock will share why it’s important to become a Speaker-Author. She'll offer practical exercises and ideas to get you started—even if you think you don’t have time—discuss strategies for getting speaking engagements, how to move from free to fee, and sell more books when you're there.

Unlock the Business Potential of Your Book
In today's competitive market, writing a book is just the beginning. This workshop is a master class designed for published authors and those close to publication who want to turn their publications into pivotal assets for business growth. This workshop delves into the strategic aspects of authorship and offers tools and insights to maximize your book's impact. This isn't just about selling more books; it's about leveraging your book for business opportunities.