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Dr. J (Donna Jennings)

dr jWith four decades of professional practice in human sexuality, Donna Jennings, PhD, aka Dr. J., retired her practice and college teaching and started another career. Today you’ll find her writing erotic romance, erotica, and editing for Rosy Wellness. Dr. J. continues to highlight important concepts of sexual health and wellness as she hosts #TheSexualitySpace on Twitter Spaces. Her latest erotica is in The Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2 (Cleis Press, February 2022) and Purple Sex & Love—Beyond Your Dreams: A Women's Guided Journal to Explore Your Sexual Self ,Volume 1 (Orange Blossom Publishing May 2022).

The Puzzle of Writing Sex: How to Create the Best Pieces for Human Connection

In this advanced workshop for writing sex in scenes, Dr.J. will introduce elements for building scenes one puzzle piece at a time. While she draws on the writing tools in your toolbox, she will provide you with specific elements to capture a perspective and thinking paradigm for creating sex in scenes. These elements include person of the sex writer, sex history of your character, PEMS sexual intimacy, sex in motion, and the emotional beats with dialogue.