Mary Flynn

Mary FlynnMary Flynn is a gold-medal fiction writer and celebrated Disney international conference speaker who has presented before three-quarters of a million people, sharing the platform with names such as Malcolm Gladwell and Tony Robbins. She has medaled in nearly every one of her seven genres. A former full-time staff writer for Hallmark Cards, Mary's observational humor has been featured in The Sunday New York Times. Her writing also appears in The Saturday Evening Post Anthology of Great Fiction.

The Writer as Presenter

Have you ever enjoyed a speaker so much that you bought their book? Well, how would you like to be the "Who-said" with folks buying your books? You may have resisted this great marketing opportunity in the past, but "The Writer as Presenter" promises to show you how to do it effectively and comfortably. Get ready to light up the front of the room. (2 hours)