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Nancy Quatrano

nancy quatranoNancy Quatrano is an award-winning fiction writer, developmental editor, speaker, and columnist. She's presented workshops on writing, editing, speaking, and marketing, to readers, writers, businesses, and women's groups, from New York to Florida. In addition to writing a mystery series and a women's fiction series, she writes a semi-monthly column for the USA Today network and runs On-Target Words, a business that mostly provides editing services. Her mystery, still Shot, won the action category in the international 2019 Book Excellence Awards. For more information visit

So You Want To Be An Editor…

You notice every typo in every article, book, advertisement, and headline that you read, right? While that probably makes you grind your teeth and maybe even make you a bit jittery - it does me - it isn't quite enough to call oneself an editor. You'll want to answer some other questions for yourself before running out for your business license and your incorporation paperwork. The world of editing may be more complex than you think. Let's chat about that!