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Sunny Duran

sunny duranSunny Duran is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with 10 years experience in the print and publishing industry. She has worked on a wide range of children’s books and publications with small businesses and independent authors. Helping them bring their stories to life through her fun and quirky illustrations and intuitive design skills. She is an active member of SCBWI and the co-host of the Illo Chat podcast. Where you can hear her and her co-host Olga Herrera chat about their adventures as children’s book illustrators. You can find her online at

Illustrate Your Children’s Book—Yes, You Can!

If you have the imagination and creative drive to be an author, then you have the ability to become an illustrator! Illustrating is a skill that you learn and develop over time with practice. In this workshop, author-illustrator Sunny Duran will walk you through the steps to become an illustrator and how to tackle illustrating your children's book.