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Valerie Willis

valerie willisValerie Willis is the Chief Operating Officer at 4 Horsemen Publications, Inc., an expert digital typesetter, and an award-winning Fantasy Paranormal Romance author. Her works include a workbook series, Writer’s Bane, starting with Research and Formatting 101, and novels inspired by mythology, superstitions, legends, folklore, fairy tales and history such as in her The Cedric Series. Many have experienced her hosting workshops or being a guest speaker at events where she shares her expertise in publishing, novel writing, research for fiction, worldbuilding, character development, book design, reader immersion, foreshadowing, and more.

Formatting Like a Pro with InDesign

There are several options out there to format and design your book, but the professionals and large publishers circle back to one program more often than any other: InDesign. In this introduction to InDesign for book formatting you will be introduced to the most straightforward process to create print books that convert even into ebooks! There's a lot to consider and learn both with the software and what it means to be a typesetter, even for your own books. Open up the door to all the creative possibilities in this workshop!